Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Luxurious ‘EXCO Village’ for Selangor Top Guns


Luxurious ‘exco village’ comes under fire

The Selangor State Government had spent an estimated MR40 million of public funds to built an “EXCO VILLAGE” in Section 7, Shah Alam comprising bungalows and a clubhouse exclusively for the use of Selangor executive councillors. State Opposition Leader Teng Chang Khim questioned the rationale for the estimated RM40mil project, which comprises 10 bungalows and a clubhouse.

“The state government pays each exco a housing allowance. This payment is more economical than constructing and maintaining the bungalows as the monthly maintenance fee is high,” he said in a press statement yesterday.

As for the clubhouse, he said the excos could become members of the hilltop Kelab Shah Alam by paying RM1,500 monthly.

It is believed that the idea for an “exco village” was mooted last year by the state leadership. The reason was to have a centralised housing area for the councillors, to facilitate easier meeting with each other and the Mentri Besar. They now stay in different locations, some even outside the capital here.

A state official said the bungalows would remain properties of the state. "Most likely, the exco members will lose their monthly housing allowance once they move into the official houses. The state will actually save taxpayers' money because these houses will appreciate in value. We do not have to increase their housing allowances anymore from now,” he said. He said the clubhouse would function as a recreational area and a meeting point; it could even host official events.

It was argued that the bungalows were not extravagant as even district officers and various department heads were given official residences. A survey at the site showed that it is a gated community with a clubhouse right in the centre. Some of the bungalows were fully furnished, complete with bedroom and dining room sets. The gardens had been landscaped as well and workers said the entire “exco village” project had been completed and they were putting the finishing touches.

Is this in compliance with the doctrine of "CERMELANG, GEMILANG, DAN TERBILANG"?

It looks like the government is more towards the doctrine of "TEMBERANG"

Selangor State had decided to increase water tariffs because they could not continue to subsidise the rakyat. But they had no problem to spent multi-millions in building bungalows to appease themselves, plus, paying for trips to watch belly dancers, etc.

Are the rakyat made to look stupid? Did we elect this people to govern us? Oh, my God!!!!!!!