Sunday, May 01, 2005

Malaysia has record 40,000 Class F Contractor

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COMMENT: In a class by themselves
By Abdul Razak Ahmad, NST, 1st May 2005

Malaysia Boleh sekali lagi!!!!!

According to the Abdul Razak Ahmad, Malaysia has 42,313 registered contractors approximately, one contractor for every 614 persons (based on 26 million population).

This may be yet another world record and should be considered for the Guiness Book of Records.

So, this is yet another Malaysia Boleh-lah...

The only problem is: the Government recently announced a pump-priming of RM2.4 billion projects that will be up for offer, and if each one of this contractor is going to be given part of this cake, each contractor would be having a contract worth RM 56,720. But if the Class A contractors are going to take a major portion, then 35,000 Class F contractor will be jobless and waiting to be wind up.

There are approximately 35,253 Class F registered contractors. They are the smallest fry of the contractor’s world, dependent on government contracts that range from RM5,000 to RM100,000 project.

If we are to add the Class F Ali-Babas, China-Babas, Indian-Babas, Singh-Babas and Mat Salleh-Babas, probably we would have 70,000 Class-F contractors.

The Government, realising it has a problem on its hands, recently announced that it was freezing the issuance of new Class F licences but it is just too late.

The only solution is: follow Mahathir's system of economic expansion and create massive development projects and make more roads, bridges, schools, computer labs, airports, church, mosques, temples, toilets, cyberjaya 2 and 3, putrajaya 2 and 3, twin-tower and queen-tower, etc, etc.. and every contractor will have a job to survive.

If Pak Lah dare not do that, then maybe, Mahathir should come back to rule.