Saturday, June 24, 2006

Fortuna Court Condo Fear of Soil Erosion

Residents living in Fortuna Court Condominium at Jalan Awan Cina, Taman OUG, Kuala Lumpur, are worried about soil erosion behind their houses.

This is because a development project is being carried out and the slopes have been left exposed since work started.

The condo management company YBR had written several letters to the developer and City Hall highlighting their fears and so far they did not get any response.

YBR Management then decided to engage Zaidun-Leeng engineering consultant to assess the situation.

The engineers observed that the neighbouring development did not have proper drainage system and this had resulted in surface water flowing to the adjacent land which had cause the soil erosion and affected the stability of the slopes. The engineers recommended that monitoring system should be set up and that an effective drainage system was needed to avoid seepage.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Jalan Reko Bridge Kajang crack

Jalan Reko bridge in Kajang was closed after a large crack in the structure appeared which is believed to be caused by soil erosion. The crack ran almost through the whole length of the bridge.

Taman Desa Jaya soil erosion

Taman Desa Jaya, Selayang

Four tombs had been damaged by soil erosion washed down by a slope. No retaining wall had been constructed on the slope. The developer said they owned the tomb site but the residents argued that the cemetery had been there for 40 years.

Bukit Kepong Erosion

NKVE-Setia Alam Link Open to traffic

June 2006, NKVE-Setia Alam Link was opened to traffic.

July 2005: Box girder collapse.

Nine Bangladeshi construction workers were injured when eight girders of a flyover of the NKVE-Jalan Meru Link near Bukit Raja collapsed. The girders, forming a 10m stretch, collapsed at 1.40pm onto the NKVE (New Klang Valley Expressway) below, bringing down 17 workers who were working on it.

“We were dragging a reinforcing cable (which hold together the girders) across the flyover with 15 other workers when I heard a loud cracking sound. The section suddenly collapsed. I managed to break my fall by jumping off the falling panel just before it crashed onto the road. Shafiqul could not escape as he was trapped by the cable he was holding,” Nurzzaman said.

The 28-year-old Shafiqul, who suffered head injuries and a broken leg, is being treated at the Intensive Care Unit of the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang. The others who were also warded were Musharaf (head injuries), K. Razu Ahmad Amzad, 39, (head injuries), Alam Agir, 40, (left leg broken), Abu Bakar, 30, (head injuries), Jahangir Alam, 30, (head), Bagt, 28 (left leg broken) and Md. Abd Malak, 38 (head injuries).

The construction of the NKVE-Jalan Meru interchange started in May last year and was due to be completed at the end of this year. The RM150mil, 7.5km link connects the NKVE to Jalan Meru in Klang.