Monday, June 14, 2004

$400 million Monorail Project Derailed

Second Rail project derailed by Pak-Lah

The $400 million monorail project in Putrajaya is suspended due to lack of funds.

Many question arises from this decision by the Government:
1) Have the Government of Mahathir made a bad decision? Do we actually need that project in the first place?
2) Is Pak-Lah's Government having financial problems? or
3) Is Pak-Lah changing a new set of (crony) contractor?
4) What is the effect of such action have on the economy?
5) Are contractors going to suffer due to less Government projects? or
6) Are only those crony contractors affected?

What is the alarm signal from here? Contractors are trembling and the cycle of change due to less forthcoming Government projects have actually been a cause of concern to the Malaysian economy as a whole.

According to Pak Lah, "the Economy have recovered and that there is no need for stimulus projects." Datuk Mustapa Mohammad denied that the Government is in financial difficulties. But Tan Sri Mohd Isa Abdul Samad, the Federal Territory Minister says otherwise. WHO IS LYING????? ALAMAK!

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