Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Kuching Airport Awarded to Ting Pek King


It's confirmed. Ting Pek King gets the Airport Extension Project.

We have waited so long to hear this piece of news. Before the news was announced, I was in Kuching last week and I saw earthmoving machines at work. It amaze me that it took the Government 2 weeks after the work had started to make this announcement. To Sarawakians, it's no surprise as we all expected it - we were damned sure Ting Pek King will win.

The irony is that the Government raised 8.5billion in the name of priority projects such as hospital management, schools and road projects, including reserving some of these money for payment to existing contractors who had not been paid for many months. Now, 620 million will be used for the Kuching airport project and probably, SCOMI may be the JV partner or sub-contracor.

Let's celebrate with Ting PK! Cheerio & Malaysia Boleh!

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