Friday, August 27, 2004

A New Kampung Baru Proposal


A group of influential Kampung Baru residents has proposed that a statutory body be set up to develop the settlement, one of the largest undeveloped real estate left in the city. They have drawn up plans to be submitted to the Government that the agency, modelled after the Putrajaya Corporation, handle matters such as land acquisition and compensation to residents was the only way to satisfy all parties.

The agency will act as the middleman. Previously any attempts to develop included a third party who had an interest.

“We are going to suggest that the Government sets up an agency, which paid compensation and had the right to develop the area. Redevelopment will be done in blocks or precincts,” said a source.

The initiative is headed by Titiwangsa MP Datuk Astaman Abdul Aziz.

However, the status of Kampung Baru, as a Malay Agriculture Settlement, must be repealed if any redevelopment was to take place on the 90ha village.

The development until now could not be done because the people could not be paid the amount they were asking for, which was anything between RM250 and RM500 per sq ft.

“Since it is Malay Agriculture Settlement land, it cannot be owned, transferred or occupied by non-Malays. There are existing bylaws where buildings cannot be more than five floors and compensation will be very low compared to commercial land.” Under the proposal, the residents will not be paid 100% in cash.

“We want to avoid a situation where we give them money and they end up spending it all without saving. We will suggest giving them financial instruments such as bonds, where they will get houses once a precinct is completed,” the source said.

The interesting point to NOTE:

The clergy and those wisemen who are proposing the project development are saying that the Kampung Baru people don't have ability to take care of themselves and at such, they need a body managed by the clergy, to control their monies, how they spent the money, when to spent, what to spent and at what proportion it will be given to them. If you are one of the land owner in Kg Baru, how do you feel? Isn't this statement a contempt; a total disrespect to the people of Kampung Baru?

The people in Kampung Baru are not stupid as make out to be. If you take a good look at the quality of their houses and the way of life, their entrepreneurship ability, you will know that they are doing reasonably well because they are wise and frugal. It is those businessmen who are eyeing Kg. Baru development that will benefit themselves first, and they are looking into ways of a reduced working capital, a longer period of payment of compensation and the creative methods of financing their project with lesser capital by paying the compensation in bonds, stocks, debentures, warrants, deferred payment, etc. At such, they have to camouflage their intend by pronouncing their concern of how the money will be spent on behalf of the interest of the people in Kg Baru.

There's a saying of these clergies:



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