Monday, September 26, 2005

Kuching Airport Extension - Progress Photos

September 25, 2005

Kuching International Airport is undergoing extension works.

Shots taken unpon entering the terminal building. Note that the escalators had been sealed off and passengers checking-in at the first floor immigration check-point must walk up through the stairways.

Temporary Hoarding along the passageway where passengers will have to walk to the taxi stand. Note that they are full of holes and lack of maintenance culture.

View from the passageway where part of the hoarding was removed.

Shots taken from the taxi disembarkment stand

On arrival at the Kuching airport from the town, we took this shots

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Apex Business Solutions (001536090-M) said...

Dr Yeoh,
I were fortunate enough to be at the main contractor's office and actually discussed in details about the whole progress. As per Aug, it was reported 26 days ahead of time. The only issue currently is the weather, where the major earthwork for the apron is going on (full steam ahead!)

We even met Bobby and the man himself! :)