Monday, October 17, 2005

Innovative & Creative Toilet Design

I received an email that attached various pictures of which three of them impressed me:

Musical toilet.

Trumpet-shape closet with piano by the side.

Innovative & creative!!!

Public toolbox.

Wow...that relieving!

The city is caring! Men can now relieved themselves if they had an urgent call!

Men's toilet.

Even the urinals are psychologically appeasing!

Is that what can satisfy a man?


FH2O said...

The last design would be extremely popular. Do you know where to get the agency to sell 'em here? :-)

Maverick SM said...

Hi fh20,

I will get the agency if you get me the book orders, ok?

thanks for your interest and please specify them in your contract specification, LOL!!!!.

FH2O said...

I would need the brochures and the models to come along to convince my clients!
I am quite confident I would be able to secure some book orders then!