Wednesday, February 22, 2006

MRR2 - Cabinet Decides

New twist of events! The Board of Engineers (BEM) on instruction from the Prime Minister Pak Lah had arbitrated on the MRR2 issues and had made the final recommendations to the cabinet.

The events that lead to the Prime Minister's call to BEM to arbitrate arises because of internal disagreement between the boss - Works Minister, Samy Vellu, and his department, JKR on the structural repair reports. Samy wants to follow Halcrow's recommendation for rectification which was purportedly a face-saving (for himself) and will cost less for the contractor Bumi Hiway. Public Works Department (PWD) are convinced that the contract terms stipulate that the Turnkey Contractor is fully responsible and liable to make good the Work in full complaince of the terms of conditions of contract pertaining to design quality specified. PWD thus wants to Contractor to fulfil its obligations and ensure that the flyover meets the qualified quality specified. (read more here)

Based on the contractor's view, the repair works is basically patching and grouting the cracks. Based on Halcrow, it will be slightly more - it include some strengthening works. But based on Kohler & Seitz (the structural engineering consultant from Germany), the repair should be comprehensive to ensure the structural integrity will not be affected over a long term. However, it is estimated to cost RM40 million.

The contractor rejected Leonhardt Andra and Partners's recommendation. Samy was sympathetic towards the contractor and got in Halcrow to conduct another study. However, JKR was of the opinion that Halcrow seemed to suggest limited repair works, suficient to meet the minimum requirement and compliance. JKR was of the opinion that the contract stipulates that it is design and built to the specified and agreed quality and standards and will not accept second best, just because the cost of repair will be mammoth - that's the contractor's problem and if the contractor can convince the government to pay for them using taxpayers money, and if the government agreed, then JKR had to take instruction. Samy seemed to suggest that the government had to step-in to pay for it as it would be too much for the contractor to pay. The cabinet disagreed.

The final decision:

The Cabinet has decided to appoint a German consultant to spearhead repair work on the Middle Ring Road 2 in Kepong.

Works Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said today the decision was reached at the last Cabinet meeting and the ministry’s secretary-general is discussing with the consultants on the conceptual layout of the work plan, which will be ready by the end of this month.

"They have assured us that the repair work on 31 pillars would be completed in four- and-a-half months," he said. The cost is expected to be more than RM40 million.

Samy Vellu said the cost was initially estimated to be around RM18 million but it has more than doubled after it was decided that all the 31 pillars need to be repaired simultaneously.

So now, who is going to pay for the repair? BumiHiway of Government?

Maybe, Khairy can mediate and settle in the Malaysia Boleh spirit! Good luck to Bumi Hiway if they can Kau Tim this toy guy.

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