Tuesday, November 02, 2004

16 School & 5 Colleges Defective

16 Schools & 5 Colleges Defective - All built by same contractor

16 Schools and 5 Community Colleges constructed by Project Management Consultant (PMC) a construction company appointed by the Finance Ministry have serious structural defects and PM had directed PWD to take over the buildings and prepare a complete report on the matter.

“Now we have to find out who is the contractor, who is PMC and who is the consulting engineer,” says Datuk Seri Samy Vellu.

How could it happen? Isn't the contractor a registered PKK Class 'A' entity accredited by the relevant authority presumably based on their qualification and competency and that the selection process had taken into consideration the fundamental requirements of a competent contractor? Or, is the selection based on political intention with the necessary mens rea?

Murphy's Law has always been proven right. What you think can happen, would happen.
To most of the industry players and project management professionals, it was known-knowns and it's a matter of time for these failures to unfold; the only regret is that it is the tax-payers money that was dumped into the incinerator.

Which Ministry is responsible? Who would be made accountable?

For me, the nostalgia is that the company chose a name PMC which should reflect their true project management competency and ability but sad to note, it brought injustice to the project management fratenity.

The most shameful part is that the MOF, MOE and probably, PWD are made to look as if they don't even understand what is project management and what is construction management.

Worst off is, Pusat Khidmat Kontraktor (PKK) who are delegated by legislature to accredit and rank those contractors (by meritocracy) don't even have the basic knowledge and competencies of engineering and construction technology to evaluate the skills and competencies required of a contractor. This goes the same for CIDB. I wonder when the PM would start taking a look at CIDB and see the worms roaming around in India and Sri Lanka, performing the role of a contractor instead of the role of promoting and developing the construction industry, and regulating and monitoring the industry's performance and key indices. When will we do the right thing and when will it happen? Where is the institution that will do the right job? How is the hundreds of millions collected by CIDB been utilized? Will there be transparency and accountability? Who cares and who is going to care? Will Pak-Lah wake up?

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